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Stephen is the author of ‘How to Thrive at Work’. An essential read for anyone experiencing low level anxiety or stress, this book pulls together the various individual strands of business logic, scientific research, self-care, spirituality and common sense to provide a one-stop guide to thriving at work. (paperback and kindle editions)

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Stephen is the co-author of ‘How to Thrive in Professional Practice’. This book is a version of ‘How to Thrive at Work’ specifically for social workers. It repeats some of the content from this book but aligns it to social work practice and has the addition of a chapter on emotional regulation.

The world today is fast paced and societal expectations for impeccable service are high. We cannot always alter the demands of our professional or personal lives, but by actively pursuing well-being we can enhance skills to support open discussion in supervision (or in personal reflection) so that individuals (and organisations) can successfully rise to meet challenges head on and reduce the risks associated with burnout.

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Stephen writes about Self Care at Selfcare Shorts. He explores how self care not only enhances your wellbeing but increases how productive you are in all areas of your life.

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At Social Work Shorts Stephen writes about social work practice, theory, and self care and productivity for social workers. He also hosts articles from Jamie Scorer a lecturer in social work and George Bull a social work practitioner. Together they host a videocast/podcast Beers and Ideas: Philosophy and Social Work

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“Stephen’s delivery was both engaging and incredibly informative, he inspired delegates with his knowledge of self-care and resilience and certainly provided lots of ideas to take away and implement.”

Sophie English NCFE

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